New Pro Pack

The New 20-Hunt Pro Pack provides your Hunting Club or Group, 50 lbs. of Hammertime Wildlife Attractant still packaged in the EZ Carry poly bags.

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Making Sense Of Deer Attractants

                                                                             How It Works
HammerTime Wildlife Attractant (HWA) works in two stages that is referred to as the “association process”. Due to deer utilizing their keen sense of smell to locate a food source, We keyed in on this first. HWA is formulated with a very strong aroma that seems to pull deer from a long distance and keep them returning on a constant basis to the same spot. The second stage is taste. HWA is a premium blend of several agriculture grain meals along with natural sugars and salt. Once a deer makes the “association process” of aroma and taste, they seem to become hooked. After the association process, the ONLY time they need to smell it is when you are hunting. HWA is NOT a feed, it is an ATTRACTANT. If it is fed like corn, rice bran or anything that is available on a constant basis, they will soon learn to wait until dark before venturing in.

HWA is NOT a magic bullet that will overcome all obstacles encountered while deer hunting. Good hunting practices such as human scent control are still a MUST to have a successful hunt. HWA will not make the OUTLANDISH claim that it will call only monster bucks on your property. NO product dumped from a bag will do this on a consistent basis. However, once you have achieved the association process around your stand, HWA will definitely give you an edge.


HAMMERTIME WILDLIFE ATTRACTANT is a premium blend of several different agriculture meals, which may include but not limited to soymeal products, corn and rice meal products, natural sugar products, natural grass crop meal products, artificial sugars, both natural and artificial flavors and aromas, salt and EPA Approved food grade diatomaceous earth.

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HAMMERTIME WILDLIFE ATTRACTANT provides the best attractant to the avid buck hunter and the wildlife photographers, We Guarantee More Close In Shots!